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Best Home Cleaning Company In Friendswood, Tx

In today’s hectic life, finding time to clean your house is often difficult. Yet, this is one task you can’t afford to ignore. Not only does a dirty house give off a poor impression, but it also invites pests and germs that can ultimately bring disease and allows allergens like dirt and pollen to accumulate. Not cleaning your house could lead you or your loved ones to poor health.
At Maid to Change, we understand the cleaning challenges you face and are glad to offer a solution. Our house cleaning services in Friendswood, Texas, and its environs are second to none. As we clean your house thoroughly and professionally, you get to spend the extra time on more pleasant activities. So if you’d rather spend more time on a hobby or with family than scrubbing the house, book a cleaning appointment with us today.

Why Hire Professional House Cleaners?

Apart from saving you time, hiring professionals to clean your house makes a lot of sense. Professionals work with a checklist that ensures that the nooks and crannies that homeowners often overlook are given the attention they deserve. Keeping your house in mint condition helps you retain the value of the house. Piled-up grime and dirt are not only unhealthy, but they could also lead to damage to your property that would see its value plummet. We want to help keep your home in excellent condition to help you avoid costly repairs and a loss of value.
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Our cleaners come with their equipment and supplies ready, and they’ve got the expertise to use the right detergents and materials for each surface of your home. This fact alone will save you the expense and hassle of buying and stocking supplies that you might not use correctly. Let the experts handle it so you have one less thing to worry about.
cleaning service friendswood tx

Our House Cleaning Services

We offer the following cleaning services to our clients.
Our services come either as flat-rate standardized cleaning or customized hourly cleaning. The standardized cleaning is carried out following a checklist and the fixed prices are displayed clearly on our booking page. Customized cleaning is done to follow the client’s special instructions and is billed hourly.
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What Separates Our Maid Service From Other Companies?

When you hire Maid to Change, you join our family of satisfied clients as you can see from their testimonials. Our cleaning team consists of hand-picked professionals who undergo a background check with relevant security agencies. We also conduct in-house interviews to vet their skills, attitude, and ability to communicate in English. Our cleaners come with all the tools and supplies needed to get the job done to your satisfaction. Furthermore, we listen to you and aim to over-deliver. Should you need any extras, we’re always open to discussion. Booking our cleaning team is a straightforward process. Our web page is easy to navigate and our rates are displayed transparently. You can reach us by email or make a call and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Things to Do in Friendswood

Friendswood City got its name from its Quaker, Spiritual Society of Friends founders. With a population of 41,004 residents, the city offers plenty of fun ways to enjoy your free time.
If you enjoy walking and the outdoors, Centennial Park is a good place to visit. The park has a jogging/hiking trail, a field with a track, and a tennis court. Other facilities include five soccer fields and a large parking area. There is also an amphitheater that hosts events and concerts regularly.
At the Timber Creek Golf Club, you can practice your swing on the 18-hole public course. If your golfing is top tier, you can enter one of the tournaments that are held here. The golf course is just one of many sports recreational facilities in Friendswood.

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Other amazing places to visit include:

For some good food and a cold drink, Friendswood has many options to sample. Here are a few faves:

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