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Our Two Pricing Options

At Maid to Change, we have two different pricing options designed to suit the cleaning needs of every unique home.

Our flat rate packages have been designed to offer an upfront price based on the number of bedrooms and bathrooms in your home. These packages include standardized checklists which help ensure that nothing is overlooked or forgotten and which also allow you to know exactly what you can expect from each service.

Our flat rate packages work on the assumption that your home is of average size for the number of rooms and that it is in a reasonable state of cleanliness. If we deem your home to be larger than average or far below a reasonable standard of cleanliness, we may need to provide a requote upon arrival.

Our hourly cleaning services are offered to customers who feel that they need a more customized cleaning experience. These services do not adhere to a standardized checklist, nor are they limited to a specific set of tasks. Rather, you select the number of hours you would like us to clean, and we’ll work until the time is up.

This service is great for customers who need only specific areas cleaned or who feel their home may need a bit of extra TLC.


Our Flat-Rate Cleaning Packages

Standard Cleaning: With just the basics needed for routine maintenance, a standard cleaning is great if your home has been professionally cleaned in the past 90 days and you just want to keep it up.

With extra time and additional tasks, a deep cleaning is perfect for first-time customers or homes that haven’t been professionally cleaned in the last 90 days. We’ll focus on areas of the home that are often overlooked and neglected to ensure that your home reaches a professional level of cleanliness.

With additional tasks needed to prepare a home for new occupants, a move out cleaning is the right choice during a big move. It is assumed that the home will be free of furniture and boxes.

With a hotel-style cleaning and restocking of essential items such as toiletries, an Airbnb or vacation rental cleaning can help owners quickly and efficiently clean a property between guest check out and check in.

For small business owners who don’t want to waste their or their employees’ time on cleaning, an office cleaning is the perfect option. We’ll clean your workspaces regularly, ensuring that everything is sanitized and healthy.

For anyone who has recently remodeled or built a new home, a post-construction cleaning is a must. We’ll use our expertise to remove leftover construction dust and debris and ensure that you’re safe to move into your new space.

If you’re struggling to declutter the mess in your home, our home organization services can help. We’ll simplify your space and help you implement storage systems that are sustainable and stylish, so you can keep your home neat and organized well after we’re done.

If you have a major event coming up, such a wedding, graduation party, or other celebration, you may need help getting your venue back in order. Our after-event cleaning services will take care of the mess, making your space like new again.

Optional Add-Ons

Interested in booking one of our flat rate packages, but think your home might need a few additional tasks? No problem. You can select from the following optional add-ons for a slight additional cost.

Services We Don’t Provide

While we try our best to accommodate our customer’s special requests, there are a few services we are unable to offer due to health and safety reasons. We thank you for understanding.