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A Spick & Span Move Out Cleaning Company in Houston, TX

As you know, moving out entails a lot of big and little things, one of which is cleaning the space. It doesn’t matter if you have been living in a rental and need to get your security deposit back, or selling your home and transferring it to new owners; move out cleaning in Houston, TX is a real thing! The same way you wouldn’t want your rental property returned to you in a dirty condition, or move into a new yet dirty house, the next family to move into your old place don’t want to either!

Now, you have probably realized that move out cleaning isn’t quite like standard cleaning; there is much more to be done, and it is imperative that each cleaning task be performed thoroughly so that the cleaning results show for it. The question is, do you have the time, means, and energy to carry out an entire move out cleaning process? If not, the solution to your conundrum is Maid To Change – a trusted and professional house cleaning company in Houston!

The Benefits of Hiring an End Of Lease Cleaning Service

A house or apartment that has been lived in for a few years, or many months, at the very least, can develop stubborn dirt and grime in places that are often overlooked or rarely cleaned. Of course, in homes where deep cleaning has been done bi-yearly (twice a year), if not more regularly, move out cleaning may be less of a burden. That said, it still requires a lot of time, and the use of proper cleaning equipment. With a team of skilled, trained, and equipped professional house cleaners on the job, you can be sure that they will do the work in a timely fashion, and to your satisfaction.
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When you hire a move out cleaning in Houston, TX from Maid To Change, you can expect the following benefits, among many more:
To put it plainly, professional move out cleaning promises much more thorough and expected cleaning results as compared to a DIY clean by the average homeowner.

An All-Inclusive Houston Move In & Move Out Cleaning Checklist

In order to make the entire transition of moving out as smooth-sailing as possible, you don’t want the worry of an incomplete clean. Especially if you choose to pay your hard-earned money to a Houston, TX move out cleaning service. After all, the reason behind hiring professional house cleaners is owed to the fact that they will take care of everything for you, and leave the place spotless! To achieve this, Maid To Change follows a comprehensive move out cleaning checklist that leaves no stone unturned. Listed below are just some of the cleaning tasks included in our move out cleaning service:

Remove Cobwebs (from ceilings/walls)

Dust Furniture/Decorations

Deep Clean Floors (vacuum/sweep/mop)

Clean Interior Windows + Ledges

Clean Light Fixtures & Ceiling Fans

Clean Doors + Frames

Wet Wipe Baseboards & Blinds

Clean Inside Cabinets + Drawers

Clean All Kitchen & Bathroom Surfaces

Sweep Garage

Remove Remaining Trash

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Why Choose Our Move In / Move Out Cleaners?

While we are aware that there are many house cleaning services in Houston, TX, we separate ourselves from competitors by allowing our cleaning results to speak for themselves! Of course, the exceptional quality of service we provide is owed to our incredibly skilled and experienced cleaning team. Made up of professionally trained house cleaners that are true perfectionists, the cleaning staff at Maid To Change pays close attention to detail, and is well-versed in handling the many different challenges of move out cleaning.
You can also rest assured that each member of the team has been thoroughly vetted during the hiring process, and is further insured and bonded for your security, and ours. In addition to our standard, move out cleaning checklist, if needed, we can also help with organizing and decluttering the house/apartment at additional hourly rates. Therefore, you get an all-round service that ensures the property is left neat, clean, and ready for the next owners/renters.

How to Book a Professional Move Out Cleaning in Houston, TX

We couldn’t make it more convenient to book a service with us even if we tried! Clients are welcome to call us for enquiries about our pricing (final quotes), services, cleaning team, equipment used, booking a move out cleaning, or any assistance that they may need. Alternatively, one can make use of our simple, quick, and convenient online booking platform that asks for a few details, and takes less than two minutes of your time to complete. Kindly note that we will not charge you for the service until it is complete. More importantly, you won’t have to worry about hidden or additional costs because we offer instant pricing for all our services. To manage or keep track of your appointments, as well as to leave specific instructions for our house cleaners, please use the login portal via our website for instant access to these facilities. We will send you timely reminders for upcoming appointments as we understand that you will be busy dealing with many other things surrounding your impending move!