Post Construction & Post Renovation Cleaning Service Houston, Tx

post construction cleaning services houston tx

Post Construction Cleaning Company in Houston, TX

Is your house remodeling project almost over? Or maybe you have an ongoing new construction project? While having a newly remodeled/constructed house is satisfying, post-construction cleaning is a big headache.
Once the builders hammer the last nail, they are on their merry way but you’re left with all the debris, dust, and dirt to clean. If you’re facing this situation, don’t worry. Maid to Change is here to handle all your post-construction cleaning needs in Houston, Texas.

At Maid to Change, we take it upon ourselves to thoroughly clean your home so that you can enjoy your new, clean, and safe space. While we follow a standard post-construction cleaning procedure, we can customize the service to accommodate your needs.

Why You Need Professional Post-Construction Cleaners

While time might be the biggest factor why people choose to hire professional post-construction cleaners, other reasons exist. They include:


Newly constructed sites contain hazards, including nails, blunt objects, screws, and other dangerous materials. Although one may be cautious when stepping on such surfaces, one may not have the proper gear to safely clean such areas. Professional cleaners come equipped with the right gear to ensure their safety while working.
At Maid to Change, we understand the importance of protection when doing post-construction cleaning. We come with the right gear to protect ourselves from slips and falls, sharp nails, and other potential hazards. 

post construction cleaners houston tx
We possess the appropriate tools, equipment, and supplies to remove and dispose of trash and waste from your construction site. Also, newly constructed sites harbor excessive dust, which could lead to allergic reactions and respiratory problems. We take great care to ensure that no dust or other construction debris is left behind by the time we’re done cleaning.
post renovation cleaning services houston tx

Protect Your Finished Surfaces

After a construction project, you need to be extremely careful when cleaning to ensure that you don’t damage surfaces. In addition to stray screws and nails, there may be other construction materials left behind which can be more difficult to detect and can easily scratch your new surfaces. To avoid all this, consider hiring professional cleaners. These professionals have a ton of experience and a wealth of knowledge on how to properly remove dirt, dust, and debris using the right tools, and ensuring that no damage happens to your freshly installed surfaces.

Save Money

While you may think that cleaning the building yourself helps save money, that usually isn’t the case with post-construction cleaning. A DIY job would mean buying lots of supplies and equipment, which you may not need to use again. And in the end, if you damage any surfaces while cleaning, it’ll cost you more money to have them repaired.
post renovation cleaners houston tx
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Why Maid to Change is Best for Post-Renovation Cleaning in Houston, TX

Having been in the cleaning business for a long time, we’ve learned everything about this industry. Over the years, we’ve managed to create meaningful relationships with our customers, thanks to our core values. This is why you should trust us with your post-construction cleaning needs.
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Get the Best Post-Construction Cleaning Results in Houston, TX

At Maid to Change, you can expect all the above and more. With a seamless booking process and a cashless payment option, you’re one step away from having your building cleaned and ready for occupancy in no time. Leave all the hard work to the professionals and relax as we clean your newly constructed space.
Don’t worry about your tight schedule – our team is ready to work around it. Also, you don’t need to supervise our cleaners. You can take that time to explore the city or work on that hobby that you’ve neglected for so long. When you come back home, the house will be clean and ready for you, and you only pay after the cleaners are done.
Contact us for your cleaning appointment, and let’s clean your home for you!