House Cleaning Services In Katy, TX

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Professional House Cleaning Services in Katy, TX

A house is one of the biggest investments you can make – that’s why you need to make sure you keep it in tip-top shape. Doing so requires not only maintenance, but also routine cleanings. Unfortunately, balancing a tight schedule of growing your career and taking care of your family can leave you exhausted and with no time to thoroughly clean your home. Postponing a deep clean only makes things worse, and before you know it there’s dust and dirt everywhere, which risks your health and that of your family. Maid to Change is here to help you regain your free time while still ensuring your home is taken care of. We’ll clean your home so that you can concentrate on more important aspects of your life.

Why Choose Maid to Change to Clean Your Katy, TX Home?

With a wide variety of cleaning professionals to choose from, you may be wondering why you should consider Maid to Change. Here are just a few of the things that make us stand out:

Flexible Scheduling

We understand that you lead a busy life, so we step in to handle your cleaning chores on your schedule. We offer cleaning appointments seven days a week, with a wide range of available times.
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cleaning service katy tx

Customer Feedback

We use our customer feedback as a learning tool to improve our services so that we can offer you the best cleaning experience. We strive to improve even the tiniest of details, and we’ll always work to correct any issues that arise.

Qualified and Trustworthy Cleaners

We only hire the best house cleaners in the area, so you will always be greeted with professionalism and efficiency. All the cleaners go through a rigorous vetting process that includes background checks and in-person interviews. Once we’re satisfied with the results of a candidate’s checks, we proceed to hire them. Once hired, we train all our cleaners to ensure that they maintain our cleaning standards.

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Peace of Mind

We are also insured and bonded to give you peace of mind that you’re letting trustworthy people into your home and to assure you that your valuables are safe in case of any unforeseen issues.

Seamless Communication

For ease of communication, all our cleaners are English-speaking, so there’s no need to worry about any language barrier when working with us. You can also get in touch with us several different ways, including our online booking form, phone, or email.

Secure Online Payments

You don’t have to worry about discussing money with the cleaners once they’re done since we offer a secure online payment system. You can choose any extras you might need with the cleaning option you choose, and your card will only be charged when your cleaning is complete. With these practices, we can assure you that you’ll be satisfied with the results if you choose to work with us. Book your Maid to Change service now to have your Katy home thoroughly cleaned by the best in the business.
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Maid to Change Fulfillment Process

At Maid to Change, we offer you two options when choosing your preferred cleaning checklist. You can either choose our standardized cleaning checklist which is designed for flat-rate cleaning jobs or go with hourly cleanings. With hourly cleanings, we accommodate your custom instructions to provide you with custom cleaning services. For quality checks, Maid to Change take before and after pictures of your home. That way, you can determine whether we did a thorough cleaning job.

About Katy, Texas

Now that you’ve made the right choice of hiring us to clean your home, how about you spend your spare time as a local tourist exploring the beautiful city of Katy? Initially, Katy was called Cane Island, a name it got from Cane Island Creek.
As of 2020, Katy City had a population of 22, 588 residents. Known for its historic town square, Katy Mills Mall, and other attractions, you will enjoy an excursion in this city.
Here is a list of the top places to visit in Katy, TX.

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Popular Attractions in Katy, TX

Best Bars in Katy, TX

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